Dining Options While Traveling With Your Spouse And Kids


If you plan on spending quality time with your spouse and kids during an upcoming road trip, dining together may be one activity that you will be focusing on when creating your travel plans. Dine-in family restaurants such as National Coney Island will be located en route to your destination, plus will be readily available throughout your stay in a tourist area. Budget And Basic Details Determine how many times you and your family will be dining out during your travels.

7 December 2022

Three Shrimp Cocktails to Order


If you've recently started to enjoy eating seafood when you have a chance, it can be fun to plan a visit to a restaurant that specializes in this type of fare — particularly if it's located by the ocean. Waterfront seafood establishments carry a wide range of seafood dishes, which will give you a chance to try something new. If you've eaten shrimp a few times and have enjoyed this type of seafood, you may wish to order a shrimp cocktail.

27 September 2022

A Few Reasons A Steakhouse Steak Is Better


While you may be able to cook a great steak on the grill in your backyard, it just never quite measures up to one served at a good steakhouse. This baffles many people as they go out of their way to find a very nice cut of beef and cook it according to great chef recommendations on the internet. If you are wondering just why a meal served in a steakhouse tastes better than one at home, consider the following.

8 July 2022

Keeping Happy Hour Profitable


When you run a bar and restaurant, you typically don't count on happy hour to be the most profitable time of the week. Happy hour brings in customers and creates future business, but with lower prices and deals, it's tough to make the big bucks. That does not mean, however, that you should be losing money during happy hour. Here are some tips to help you turn a profit during these hours.

25 April 2022

The Advantages Of Booking A Banquet Room For Your Upcoming Parties


When you have several parties to plan and host this year, you need to look for venues at which to hold them. You may not want to have them in your own home. You also may not want to have them outside where guests can be exposed to the elements. Instead, you may prefer to book a place that offers all of the accommodations you prefer for a successful party. Your solution can be to reserve a banquet room for your upcoming festivities.

5 January 2022