A Few Reasons A Steakhouse Steak Is Better


While you may be able to cook a great steak on the grill in your backyard, it just never quite measures up to one served at a good steakhouse. This baffles many people as they go out of their way to find a very nice cut of beef and cook it according to great chef recommendations on the internet. If you are wondering just why a meal served in a steakhouse tastes better than one at home, consider the following. 

Cut of Meat

Of course, one of the most important things about a great steak is the cut of meat. While you may find good cuts in the local grocery store or butcher shop, you are probably not seeing the best cuts. It is common for chefs of the best steakhouses around to get to the butcher shop first and pick out the best cuts.

In addition to finding the best cuts, the chefs know how to age the beef before cooking it. They may wet age it or dry age it, depending on the cut. Most people do not know how to do this or have the proper storage space to do it.

Butter and Seasonings

Many people do not realize that most chefs add a pat of butter to the pan just before pulling the meat off. This butter adds flavor to the meat. In addition, chefs are not afraid to add a lot of salt and other seasonings to the meat as it is cooking. Most people tend to under season their meat and do not realize it.

Wine Pairing

Once you have picked the steak you want for your meal, you need to pick the wine to go with it. You may think that wine is not necessary, but to truly have the full taste effects of a great steak you should have wine to complement it. The wine serves to enhance the taste buds and elevate the atmosphere. The right atmosphere goes a long way in making a meal taste great.

Not Cutting the Meat

One of the most important things a chef does is keep the steak intact. They do not pierce it with a fork or even a thermometer. This keeps all the juice in the meat and allows it to add flavor.

Don't worry too much if the steaks you cook on the grill are not quite up to steakhouse perfection. It takes a lot of time and practice and the right cut of meat to achieve what these chefs do in their restaurants.

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8 July 2022

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