Three Shrimp Cocktails to Order


If you've recently started to enjoy eating seafood when you have a chance, it can be fun to plan a visit to a restaurant that specializes in this type of fare — particularly if it's located by the ocean. Waterfront seafood establishments carry a wide range of seafood dishes, which will give you a chance to try something new. If you've eaten shrimp a few times and have enjoyed this type of seafood, you may wish to order a shrimp cocktail. Shrimp cocktails are fixtures on the menus of many seafood restaurants, and you'll find that some establishments have multiple variations of this dish. Here are three shrimp cocktails to try.


If you're going to have a shrimp cocktail for the first time, it makes sense to order the classic version of this dish. While it can vary a little between restaurants, it features a number of cold shrimp with a serving of cocktail sauce. Many shrimp cocktails are served in fancy glasses, which adds to the dining experience. The shrimp typically have their shells removed, although they'll usually have their tail in place so that you have an easy place to hold each shrimp while you eat it. It's common for there to be crushed ice in the bottom of the glass, which helps to keep the shrimp and the sauce very cold.


A lot of seafood restaurants serve a spicy variation of the classic shrimp cocktail. While cocktail sauce has a little heat because of its horseradish, its flavor still tends to be mild. If you like spicy flavors, a spicy shrimp cocktail can be a fun option to try out. In this variation, there is hot sauce in the cocktail sauce. The result is a spicy flavor that you'll notice with each bite.


Depending on the location of the seafood restaurant you visit, it may have some Mexican-inspired food on the menu. One option you might notice is a Mexican-themed shrimp cocktail. This variation is popular at restaurants in many parts of the country and can vary between establishments. A Mexican shrimp cocktail has the usual elements of this dish, but it also includes ingredients that are popular in Mexican cuisine. For example, there might be some diced pieces of avocado or peppers on top of the cocktail sauce, as well as herbs such as cilantro. Learn more about shrimp cocktails by visiting a waterfront seafood restaurant.


27 September 2022

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