Making Your Homemade Pizza More Like Restaurant Pizza


Eating pizza out at a restaurant is almost always a delicious indulgence. It's something you may look forward to all week! Eating homemade pizza, on the other hand, can feel like it's just another weeknight. Things don't have to be this way. You may never turn out pizzas that are quite as good as your local restaurant without a professional oven and setup. But you can get a whole lot closer to restaurant perfection at home with these tips.

Buy a pizza stone.

Sure, you can make pizza on a cookie sheet or even a pizza sheet. But the crust will never come out quite as crispy as you'd like it to. A better way to make homemade pizza is on a pizza stone. You can buy pizza stones at most home goods and kitchen stores. You heat the pizza stone in the oven before you're ready to make the pizza. Then, you place the dough directly on the preheated stone before baking it. The result is much crisper, crunchier crust, a lot closer to what you get in a restaurant.

Blend your cheeses. 

You always hear that mozzarella is the cheese for pizza. But as stretchy, gooey, and melty as mozzarella is, it's not a very flavorful cheese. This is why most pizza restaurants tend to blend other cheeses in with their mozzarella. You could do a mixture of 25% provolone and 75% mozzarella, or a mixture of 25% provolone, 25% mild cheddar, and 50% mozzarella. In either case, adding these more flavorful cheeses will give your pizza more depth of flavor and bring it closer to restaurant quality.

Go easy on the sauce and toppings.

Sometimes people figure that since they're making pizza at home, they're going to make it extra special—with more toppings and sauce than the restaurant uses. But this plan actually tends to backfire. If you put too much sauce on your crust, it will get soggy. The same goes for toppings. Also, adding too many toppings to the pizza makes it too heavy, and the crust may not rise correctly. The toppings may also slide off the pizza as you eat it, which doesn't make for a very restaurant-like experience. Your best bet is to go easy on the toppings and sauce.

The more you make pizza and put these tips to use, the better your results will become. Before long, you'll be making pizza at home all the time. For other tasty ideas, contact local pizza restaurants like Original Italian Pizza PA.


9 August 2021

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