Pizza Delivery Is Even Better These Days


Pizza was one of the first foods to be delivered extensively. In many communities, for many years, pizza was the only food you could order and have delivered to your door. Now, there are more options for food delivery than ever before, but pizza still remains a favorite. And pizza delivery has also evolved to be more convenient and accessible than ever before. Here are some changes that pizza delivery restaurants are making to better serve their customers these days.

Ordering via an app

Calling to order pizza over the phone works, but it has its downfalls. During busy hours, it may take you a few calls to get through. There's also a chance the person taking your order could mishear you and place the order incorrectly. These days, pizza delivery restaurants are removing these hassles by allowing their customers to order through an app. Some restaurants use their own proprietary app, and others have their own accounts with shared apps. In any event, this allows customers to place orders at their convenience without such a margin for human error — or a busy phone line.

Order tracking

You used to order pizza to be delivered and then wait around wondering when it was going to arrive. Sometimes, the restaurant would tell you the pizza would take 30 minutes, but there was still some uncertainty. Today, a lot of that uncertainty has been removed since restaurants let you follow your pizza's progress. You can typically look on the app and see the driver's exact location so you can meet them at the door promptly. Drivers appreciate this, too, since they don't have to spend as much time waiting at the door for their customers.

Online payment

Having to dig around to find cash to pay the delivery driver was not always fun. Then, you'd be left having to ask for change and hope the driver had it. Now, pizza delivery restaurants are allowing customers to pay, usually via credit card or a third-party payment app. This means nobody has to handle money, which is good for disease control reasons, and it also means you don't have to worry about finding exact change. You can typically tip in the online payment portal, too.

Thanks to online orders and payments, plus the ability to track your pizza en route to your home, ordering pizza to be delivered is better than ever before. Enjoy your next pie!


22 January 2021

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