Must-Have Features For A Stainless Steel Conveyor-Style Toaster


If your restaurant will soon be offering a breakfast buffet to its patrons, you'll need to think about the various pieces of equipment that you'll need to situate on the buffet. One essential item is a stainless steel conveyor-style toaster, which people can use to toast bread, English muffins, and bagels before applying butter, peanut butter, and other tasty toppings. When you begin to shop for your toaster, you'll notice that there are several different models to consider. Look for a product that offers the following important features.

Simple Controls

One thing that you may find when you look at different models of conveyor-style toasters is that their controls can differ significantly. Some machines have a large number of buttons and knobs, while others are simpler. The latter is often a better choice when you're buying this piece of equipment for your buffet. First-time users will need to assess the controls to understand how to use the machine, and it's important for each patron who wishes to toast something to be able to set their preferences quickly—otherwise, long lines could occur.

Fast Toasting Time

Another detail that you should evaluate when you shop for this type of stainless steel restaurant equipment is its toasting time. Some machines toast faster than others, and you'll typically find this information displayed in "slices per hour." For example, if a particular model advertises that it can do 250 slices per hour, this means that it can toast 250 slices of bread in 60 minutes. A particular machine that operates faster than its peers is ideal to choose because it will keep people moving along the buffet, rather than standing around waiting for their toasted products.

Cool Touch Exterior

A stainless steel conveyor-style toaster gets extremely hot during use, but you need to choose a machine that possesses a low risk of burning one of your restaurant patrons. Look for a machine that uses a term such as "cool touch" to describe its exterior. This means that the machine has an outer surface that doesn't conduct heat—meaning that people won't burn themselves if they inadvertently touch it. This is especially important because children may not know to keep their hands away from the machine while they wait for their toast, and you don't want the machine to harm them. Look for this product from a retailer that specializes in a wide range of restaurant equipment.

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25 September 2020

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