Waterfront Restaurants, Follow These Tips To Make Your Restaurant More Appealing


Waterfront dining is often in high demand. People love to enjoy a meal with the beauty of the ocean in the background. However, there are also some intricacies of your waterfront location that you must address if you want to make the space and experience appealing to customers. Start by following these tips.

Offer an alternative to the patio.

When the weather is nice and the seaside air smells fresh, most people will want to dine out on the patio. But do make sure there is a way to block off the inside dining room and isolate it from the outdoors. When it's raining outside or the ocean smells like rotting seaweed, being able to shut off the interior will ensure you can remain open and keep serving customers.

Use rough mats to catch sand.

Many of the customers who walk into your restaurant from the beach will be wearing sandy shoes. Some sand will be inevitable, but you don't want it extensively dragged through the place. Put a few rough mats down on the floor inside the entryway. These mats will catch most of the sand. Make sure your employees shake the mats out every day to make space for new sand.

Serve some dishes that are not seafood.

Yes, seafood is amazing and most people who visit a waterfront restaurant will order it. However, there may be some guests who do not like seafood, and you need to make sure the menu offers something for them. Including a burger is a good choice, since most people do like burgers. You may also want to include a black bean or another plant-based burger to cater to the vegan and plant-based crowd.

Offer updates on the tide and the beach.

Often, the guests in your restaurant will be in the middle of a day on the beach, and they will have plans to get back to the beach when they are done dining. To make them feel more comfortable and at ease, consider posting updates on the tide, weather, and which beaches are open or closed throughout the day. This way, your guests won't be rushing to leave to find this information.

With the tips above, you can make your waterfront restaurant even more enjoyable for customers. Consider leaving a box for comment cards near the door. This is an old-fashioned approach, but it's a good way to really learn what customers think.

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13 August 2019

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