What You Need To Go From Amatuer Milkshake Maker To Expert


If you love making milkshakes but have found that they can be a bit lacking when you compare them to the fancy ones you get at a diner or an ice cream shop, then you need to step up your milkshake game. It's one of the more achievable goals. It is much easier to make a nice milkshake, for instance, then to make a cake that rivals a bakery, or any pastry for that matter. You can make one that is maybe even better than your local diner, as long as you have the right tools and ingredients. Here is what you will need.

Organic Milk and Premium Ice Cream

The fundamental ingredients of all milkshakes are ice cream and milk. Therefore, you don't want to scrimp on either of them. Picking out inexpensive ice cream or regular milk might seem like it's not a big deal, but what you are actually doing is undermining the entire recipe. Instead of choosing a basic and bargain item, go for the best. That means you should choose organic milk, and, most importantly, a premium ice cream. The premium ice creams will showcase the flavor much better than some cheap brand. If you're making a vanilla milkshake, for instance, it's important to pick out an ice cream that is made with real vanilla bean and not just vanilla extract. You want the shake to highlight the flavor as much as possible, which is why you need to buy premium, high-quality ice cream made from real ingredients and not "artificial flavors".

A Real Milkshake Machine

The most important appliance in your kitchen, when it comes to making sure you go from amateur to expert shake maker, is a proper milkshake machine. These are vastly superior to blenders or a glass a spoon technique. A real milkshake machine (the types you might see in a diner or ice cream parlor) are specifically designed to make milkshakes. A regular blender won't handle the ice cream and milk in the same way, and you won't get that very unique consistency that you expect. Also, the milkshake machines add that special look to your drink which is reminiscent of diners and old fashioned ice cream shops. The tall stainless steel container that holds the ice cream and milk can be sat next to a classic glass milkshake glass and make the perfect pairing. Contact a company like DSL Northwest, Inc. for more information.


22 May 2019

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