Tips For Taking Your Autistic Child To A Restaurant For The First Time


Autistic children often have sensory issues that can make it very difficult to take them to places where there are loud noises, a lot of people, or numerous things going on at one time. If you think that it is time to try to take your autistic child to a restaurant for the first time, it is important that you plan ahead. The following guide walks you through a few tips for taking your autistic child to a restaurant for the first time.

Bring Entertainment with You

Bring items that your child enjoys with you to the restaurant. Coloring books, tablets, and even portable game players can be great things to bring to a restaurant where your child has not been before. It will give them something to focus on instead of becoming overwhelmed by all of the sights and sounds they will experience.

Bring Headphones with You

Some restaurants can be rather noisy, and this could scare your autistic child. Headphones can often dull noises so that your child can still hear what you are saying, but not be frightened by the conversations and other noises going on in the restaurant.

Talk to the Manager Before Going In

Before you take your child into the restaurant, have your spouse stay in the car with him or her while you go to talk to the manager. Be sure to explain the situation to them and ask to be sat in an area of the restaurant that is the least active.

Talk to Your Child Before Going In

Before taking your child into the restaurant, be sure to explain what is about to happen. Let them know the order in which things will happen, because this can help them know what to expect when they go inside of the restaurant.

Let Your Child Choose Their Food

Once you get inside of the restaurant and have taken your seats, let your child choose what he or she would like to eat and drink. This will allow them to feel as though they have partial control of the situation, which may make them feel more comfortable.

It may take a few tries before your child is able to make it through a full meal. You need to be sure that you do not get frustrated or overwhelmed with the situation, as your child could pick up on it and it could cause them to feel anxious and overwhelmed too.  

Remember these tips the next time you plan to visit a local restaurant like A Taste Of Saigon.


3 November 2015

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