Ways You Can Make Your Pizza Delivery Service A Unique Experience For Customers


Your pizzeria relies heavily upon delivery, and you want to make your restaurant stand out among competitors. Sure, you can guarantee swift service and hot food, but what else can you give customers to make your pizza joint the one to turn to for a late-night munchie? Here are a few ways you can give your customers a unique delivery experience that can lead to greater customer loyalty and make them more likely to refer your location to their friends.

Prepare pizza for delivery different

To better ensure hot and gooey pizza when it arrives at your customers' doors, prepare pizza in a new way. Instead of cutting pizza before boxing it, box the pie whole and supply customers with a disposable pizza cutter so they can slice their own meal instead. When a pizza is cut, the individual slices immediately start to cool down and the cheese remelts them together, which means your customers could potentially be delivered a stuck-together, cold mess. Leaving a pizza whole traps heat in, and the delivery of a pizza cutter gives your establishment a quirky twist customers can learn to love.

Always have a free treat

Chinese food always comes with a fortune cookie, so why can't pizza come with a yummy treat as well? Deliver each pizza with a free small container of garlic butter sauce or a handful of banana peppers, in addition to traditional hot pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese. Or you can toss in a free cinnamon roll or a coupon for a large order of bread sticks with their next order. Customers appreciate establishments that go above and beyond, and your free perks can become a trademark for your company that makes you stand out.

Use heated oven trucks

Heated oven trucks or vans allow you to keep many pizzas hot and ready for consumption at once, and they give your customers the freshest delivery food available on the market. Make your joint the one to call for the freshest pizza in town -- customers will appreciate the fresh-from-the-oven temperature and flavor from one of your pizzas out of these specially modified delivery vehicles.

Making your delivery process more enticing to customers is all about the presentation of fresh food and free extras that tell your customers you care. Whether you upgrade to heated oven delivery vehicles or just toss in a coupon for free appetizers on a customer's next order, you can make your pizza restaurant appealing to guests every time they think of delivery.

Businesses like Nitza's Pizza - The Original pizza rely on customer loyalty. Going above and beyond will help you find loyal customers.



23 June 2015

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