Travel The World Via Pizza Toppings


If you love pizza, then it's time to step outside of  your comfort zone. Maybe you have grown accustomed to ordering a large pie with pepperoni. But, have you ever considered pineapple or corn? These are some of the unique toppings that you will find around the globe. Luckily for you, many local pizzerias in your neighborhood are embracing the universal love of pizza and have included these strange and delicious new toppings.

Here are some toppings you should think about ordering next time your in the mood for pizza.

Dominican Pizza

Pizza is not a food that is traditional to the Dominican Republic; however, they have embraced it whole hardheartedly. The basic ingredients (tomatoes, bread and cheese) are all Dominican mainstays. So, it makes sense that they would love pizza. What they did was add a special touch in the form of toppings.

When you order a Dominican Pizza, you are going to be asking for two special ingredients: corn and ham. Pork and corn are two of the most important foods for the Dominican people. You might have had sausage on your pizza, but Dominican pizza incorporates pork in a completely different style. Instead of pork sausage, you will have slices of roasted pork on top of the pizza-- a wonderful combination.

Corn is a bit more unusual. It might sound like an odd mix, but you only have to try it once to see the appeal. The sweet corn and the cheese make a great match. In the Dominican Republic they roast sweet corn and include it in many meat and cheese dishes. It adds a sweet, crunchy texture to pizza that is pleasant surprise.

Hawaiian Pizza

This one is no longer a secret, as its been added to lots of pizza chain menus, but it still deserves mention. Pineapple and cheese is one of the ultimate combinations. The pineapple is cooked in the oven until it caramelizes. This sweet pineapple is a perfect compliment to a cheese pizza. The acidity of the pineapple is perfect for cutting through the heaviness of the pizza and giving it a light taste.

Israeli Style Pizza

An Israeli pizza will be kosher. That means that there won't be sausage, meatball, or pepperoni as toppings. You don't mix meat with cheese. So, what do they do to spice up the cheese? They add an herb mix called Za'atar. Za'atar is a famous spice mixture used in Israeli, Lebanon, and other surrounding countries. It contains sumac, oregano, basic, thyme, marjoram. The herbs are blended together and sea salt is added. It is added to the pizza before baking so that the oils from the cheese melt into the herbs during the cooking and blend the flavors together.

So, the next time your are your local pizza parlor, like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, try something exotic. You might end up loving it.


16 June 2015

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